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"Professional" - company is Russia's leading manufacturer of attachments for road-building, construction and mining equipment. The company annually manufactures and sales over 1500 units of buckets with the

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Dump truck buckets


Manufacture of dump truck buckets

The strategic objective of Professional is the fullest satisfaction of the needs of the buyer in the industry which can not be achieved without expanding the range, taking into account all the features of the changing market.

The production of dump truck buckets is a fundamentally new direction, which is being actively developed by Professional. A large part of our customers are mining companies which have a fleet of excavators and dump trucks. Professional has perfected the production of excavator buckets already, however in extreme mining conditions not only the excavator buckets wear out quickly, but also the dump trucks buckets. Their application is the forwarding of overburden and minerals, especially in open pit mining where the friction of abrasive materials eventually wears out the dump truck buckets. In this regard, it was decided to start a new range of products by Professional - dump truck buckets, which is an excellent option for import substitution due to high quality at a low price compared to imported analogs.

About a year ago, based on the experience of world manufacturers of mining dump trucks and assessing their own production capabilities, the necessary steel-bending and gas-cutting equipment was purchased for serial production of buckets. At the beginning of 2017, Professional has already produced:

  • bodies of dump trucks for Caterpillar - 777G 60 m3,
  • bodies of dump trucks for Komatsu HD785 60 m3,
  • bodies of dump trucks for Minetruck AC MT2010 6.7 cu.m.

When manufacturing dump truck buckets, high-strength, wear-resistant alloy steel with the hardness of HB450 by European manufactures is used. At custom orders, the buckets can be produced for operation in different climatic conditions and for transporting rocks of different density. The bucket is a welded construction. The mining technique is characterized by its high payload (the least of which is about 30 tons), and the bucket capacity, as well as the weight plays an important role here. The lighter the body (and this is ensured by the use of high-quality materials), the higher the throughput of the truck.

The buckets production process is as follows: the metal arrives in the cutting works where the cutting takes place, then the workpiece moves to the steel bending press. The fabricated elements of the future buckets are collected, welded and transferred to the final stage of production, including the control assembly. Then the body is reassembled and delivered in this form to the customer. This stage is due to the fact that a huge bucket as a bulky cargo and can not be forwarded either by rail or by public roads.

The final stage of assembling the new body always takes place at the customers' works. It is here that the body is assembled again, welded and painted. All these works are carried out by the service team of specialists of Professional.

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